Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures, as promised

OK, so I am a little late in getting any pictures up from Arkansas. Well, here are a few for you. The first is of our living room and kitchen area. I am standing near the front door, and the dining table is to my left, in front of two windows that look out onto the parking lot and a semi-empty grass field. The doorway visible in the background is the laundry room - my favorite room in the place! It would be yours too, if you had lived for the last 4 years without your own washer and drier! The bedrooms and bathrooms are through a hallway to the right, off screen.
This bookshelf is in the living room at the end of the couch. Creamsicle and Oliver take turns sitting on top of it. I have several other plants that would like that space, but I figure the cats need some options.
Here is Torreyson Library on the campus of UCA. It is a good example of the campus - lots of brick buildings, some big oak and locust trees, and some grass. Not bad, as far as campuses go. I think the school has done a good job of blending the older buildings in with the newer, and there aren't any egregious eyesores.

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