Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good things about Conway #2

Petit Jean State Park. On Friday we went hiking, taking advantage of some pre-school year free time, and cooler weather. First we went on the Cedar Falls trail, which was supposed to take 2 hours, according to the sign at the trail head. It took us about 45 minutes, and the falls were, well, in an August lull. I guess we will have to go back in the spring after it has rained and there is more water.Since it was only about 10 AM, and we weren't hiked out yet, we decided to try the Seven Hollows trail - 4.5 miles, or 4 hours, according to the sign. It was a lovely trail, and we were almost the only people on it. It was a good day for hiking, for although it was pretty humid, the sun was hidden by clouds, and it never got particularly hot. We saw a coyote! I have never seen one of them in the woods before. The trail took us about 2.5 hours, including a lunch break, and if anyone comes to visit and wants to go hiking, we will probably take you there.

The state parks we have been to so far have been very well maintained and clean, especially impressive in light of the number of people in them. The signs are all like the one in the picture - carved and painted. Very nice.

I am off today to Bellevue for the next few days to attend the wedding of Bonny Anne and the Captain. See you when I get back.

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