Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ar-kansas or Arkansaw?

So, I was reading a book from my mom's elementary school library while we were up there on vacation, and it said that for a while in the 1800s, the state name could be pronounced either way, and spelled either way. But, at some point, the legislature or some such governmental body decreed that it would be spelled Ar-kansas, but pronounced Arkan-saw. Thus confusing the populace into perpetuity. Welcome to your new state.

Anyway, we are here, safe and mostly sound. The apartment is set up (there will be pictures, when we have internet at home) and Benjamin has found his new office. We are living about 7 minutes walk away from said office, so that is good (especially since I have to come here to check my email for a few more days). It has been hot every day until today though - over 100. Urgh. Today is pretty nice though, because it rained this morning. And we ventured forth to Little Rock and found the Whole Foods market there, where we bought beer (our county is a dry county - I am sure this will come up again some time, when I explain supper clubs...) and bulk rice and other organic and frivolous items. We have been welcomed handsomly by two other newish professors and their wives, so we already know more people here than we did after several months in Brockport.

Funny name of the drive down here: Bucksnort, Tennessee.
Most irritating feature of drive down here: lack of pet acceptance in motels in Louisville, Kentucky.

I'll be back soon - internet supposed to be up and functioning on Saturday...

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