Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conway Good Thing #1

In an attempt to remain positive about Conway (which is easier when it isn't 105 in the shade), I will try to post occasional good things I find here - sorry if it sounds too Martha-ish.

Today's good thing is the small, local, independent bookstore in town. The store was closed while the owners were on vacation when we first arrived in town, but they arrived back today, and we headed down to see what they had. Books, of course, to point out the obvious. And a cat, a friendly tortoiseshell cat - I think that every bookstore ought to have a resident cat, don't you? Local knowledge - that is one of the great things about going to a small local store in a small town - you can get first-hand knowledge, and someone who is willing to talk to you and give you advice you can trust. Also, we arrived about 10 minutes before they were supposed to close, but no-one chased us out or asked us to leave, and we stayed for about 40 minutes, talking and exploring before we finally made our purchase and headed home. You wouldn't get that at a big chain.

Tomorrow we intend to go for a hike or two at Petit Jean State Park. Julie and Jesse told us about it, and the waterfall that I hope to be able to cool off in during the afternoon, and it sounds like a good place for our first Arkansas hike. Saturday, if we aren't too tired from the Friday hiking, we want to get down to Little Rock to do some exploring. There is a farmer's market we need to find, and it is Bill Clinton's birthday, so admission to his museum/library is free. If we do make it to all these places, I will do my best to tell you about them and provide pictures

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