Monday, April 30, 2012

A Month in 18 seconds

Here it is - a time lapse video of our garden in 18 seconds. The camera was up for just about 1 month, pointed at the vegetable beds. It got jostled a couple of times, so the frame shifts a bit, but not too bad otherwise for a first attempt!

The batteries died at the end of the month span, which is why the video isn't longer. I might put it up again later in the summer, or wait for fall. I haven't decided yet. When I do put it back up, I am going to choose a different location, one a little closer to the garden. The camera is really made to do close up shots, like a time lapse of a flower opening, so the focus doesn't work as well so far away. And the different lighting conditions every day made the pictures all very different - most of them were taken at 11 or noon (can't remember at the moment which), but have the look of very different times of day.

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