Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Backyard camera update

I checked on the backyard time lapse camera over the weekend, and it appears to be working just fine! I had 12 days worth of photos of our garden, and the changes were already visible in that short amount of time. Since it was working, I decided to leave the pictures on the memory card for now, and take everything off once I have a month's worth. So, sorry if you were waiting eagerly - just another couple of weeks, I promise! And by then, I will have found the software I need to put the photos together into a video (there was supposedly a CD in the box, but it may have been left behind at Christmas, and then disappeared. Oops.).

In garden news, over the weekend we planted our broccoli (plants) and collard greens (seeds), and 8 tomato plants. We still have beans to plant, and I ordered 3 peppers (Anaheim, jalapeno and serrano) as well as a heirloom cherry tomato plant from our CSA. Let's hope this summer is kinder on the garden than last year!

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