Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I don't like ...

Shopping for shorts. I don't really like shorts, but it has been over 90 almost every day in June, so shorts are only practical some days, at least at home. I had a couple of pairs that I got several years ago, when I was thinner, and then I had less muscle on my legs. They don't fit any longer, so I needed to buy a pair of shorts that are not athletic shorts. I have a couple pairs of those, but I use them for going to the gym and playing tennis, which means they are sweaty and stinky and not fit for wearing around the house. So, I forced myself to go shopping for shorts this weekend. Ugh. The sizes are all weird, the lengths are all weird, and the designs are all weird. What is up with the little button flap on the sides, as if you are actually rolling up longer pants?

It doesn't seem that difficult really, to design a basic pair of shorts. But somehow, it must be, because there was a definite lack of plain, decent shorts. Sigh.

I found a pair, but as I complained to Benjamin "They don't even have my sizes, and I am not really a difficult size, so I am forced to see how fat they make me look, before I can even look at how ugly they are." Not a great day for loving my tree.

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