Thursday, June 30, 2011

AWOL Again

Yes, I have been AWOL again this week. Far from being lazy, this summer has been going full-throttle since May (which, I realize, is technically not summer, but since it was hot and Benjamin was out of school, it counts in my book) and I have just not had much time to download and organize pictures. And what would reports of my various activities be without pictures? Blah, that's what.

That said, one thing I have been busy doing is attending the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre's production of Othello. I went on Saturday with a couple of friends, then again last night with Benjamin. The actors et al. did a marvelous job - Iago was villainous and thoroughly evil, the sets perfect, and the final act especially was heartbreaking and shattering. It was so good that I have no desire to see Othello again any time soon, for it would be too wrenching. They have one more performance tonight, then it is back to As You Like It (which we will be seeing this weekend), and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Since this week is a long weekend, I should have plenty of time to process photos, so hopefully I will be back blogging at a more reasonable rate soon.


Candace said...

looking forward to going to start putting in apeture, etc. so I know :)

Hope said...

Uh, no. I usually just use the automatic settings, except for focus. Much simpler that way.