Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pet Peeve

Here is my pet peeve of the moment: politicians who say that "the American people have spoken" about any and all issues, as if the American people could agree on any one thing.  They can't. Not about what kind of soda to drink, or diet to try, or car to buy. This peeve is primarily a failing of Republicans, because they are the ones who are supposedly the party of change now (ha! don't get me started on that claim...). Most of these claims are about issues that poll 52-48 or something similar, which means that almost half of the American people have spoken in the opposite direction. So, Mr. Boehner, when you say that "the American people" want the new healthcare act to be repealed, you are wrong. Some of the people do, but some of us don't, and we are Americans too, unless you plan to take away our citizenship for disagreeing with you.

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Candace said...

HURRAY! Well said.