Monday, September 20, 2010

Projects and bread

A brief update - I did indeed get the shelf project well underway this weekend. I broke out my brand new orbital sander and sanded both shelves to a nice level of smoothness; not as silky as when I worked at the construction company as a finish sander, but pretty good.  And the first coat of clear stain was applied - the boards are a lovely red oak, so I decided to enhance that color, rather than apply a different color.  Now they just need one more coat and some drying time, and they should be ready to hang.  That will probably have to wait until next weekend.

I also baked a loaf of my favorite three grain bread, washed my car, bathed Miikka, hung pictures, played tennis, picked out a custom frame for Benjamin's PhD diploma, made pancakes, and roasted a chicken. Whew.

There will be pictures from some of these activities later in the week - I didn't have time after doing all those things to actually get the pictures off the camera. Ah well, gotta stop somewhere.

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