Friday, September 3, 2010

It is amazing...

This morning, I woke up with a migraine. I had to force myself to go to the gym (after spending 5 solid minutes petting Cleo, and another 20 giving belly rubs to Miikka), and I was sure I would not make it through my workout. But I did, and by the time I finished my weight workout, the headache had receded. Now, I am feeling fine, chipper even. It is amazing what modern drugs, exercise, and a fabulous pair of red shoes can do for one's mood. All that, and the Dodge Charger with the license plate "NSFW" that I saw on the commute in. (Mom, that means "not safe for work," commonly used on naughty or icky pictures online.)

Creamy, in a totally safe for work picture.
 And now, it is Friday, with a long weekend ahead of me. The weather is gray, with a chance of more rain - yes, I said more. We actually had a measurable amount yesterday! And it isn't supposed to be hot - only mid-80s. I plan to work on redecorating Kirby's room, and taking walks, and maybe doing some yard work. Whoo! Maybe I will even bake something - bread, Snickerdoodles, who knows.


Candace said...

Thanks for the explanation. I wss going to email you and ask:) glad the headache lessened.

Annie said...

oK, am inspired. Want my own red shoes.