Friday, September 17, 2010

Bread and projects

Last weekend, after finishing the painting job, I had a need to bake. We were out of bread, it is true, but that really wasn't my motivation. When we were in New York, and I was unemployed, I baked almost all our bread. I kept baking almost weekly for a good while after we moved to Arkansas, until this summer.  It has been too hot to justify firing up the oven (well, turning on the electricity, since it isn't a gas over), and I was a little burned out. But on Sunday, I made these delicious loaves of French peasant bread. So tasty and crackly, right out of the oven. Ahh...

Now that the painting project is done, I have to decide which home improvement project to work on next.  I don't think I am ready to start another painting job yet, and it is supposed to be hot again this weekend, so I probably won't want to work outside much. There is a project sitting in the garage that I initially thought of way back in early spring : shelves for Kirby's room. I bought a length of board and planned to sand and stain it, but it was too rainy, or too hot, or I wanted to wait until I had repainted the room... Well, now those excuses aren't valid, so maybe I will get moving on that. Maybe. I am pretty good at procrastinating on projects unless I set a firm (although completely arbitrary) goal. Should I do that? OK. By Monday, I want to be able to report progress on the shelf project. There. Hold me to that, will you?

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Candace said...

Gladly:) I am not doing much better. Have soooo many projects not done yet.
The bread looks so yummy and I could almost smell it.