Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blooming, commence!

The weather must have been listening to last week's whine, because we had lovely weather for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Miikka got several walks in the park, since it was too nice to just walk the neighborhood. I spent hours in the backyard, cleaning up leaves and ripping out ivy. Why would anyone voluntarily plant ivy? It is a horrible menace, climbing my oak tree, squeezing itself between the boards of my fence, and infiltrating my flower bed. (OK, that flower bed isn't really "mine" yet, apart from general land ownership, since I haven't planted anything in it, and have generally ignored it since we moved in, but it will be mine one day!) Anyway, I ripped out as much ivy as I could, with some "help" from Miikka. I even got the first spider bite of 2010! Wahoo.
The flowers that a previous owner planted have started blooming. I took these pictures on Saturday afternoon, when this was one of only a few miniature daffodils out; by Monday afternoon, the plants were awash in yellow and the crocus plants were starting to fade out.

I also took the first steps towards putting my own imprint on other areas of the yard. When we moved in, there was a clematis blooming on the end of our deck. Now, I don't have anything against clematis, and it was an interesting one, but to be honest, I prefer roses. I want my flowers to have a scent. So, we ventured out to White Wagon Farm and bought three new rose bushes, including a climber to go in place of the clematis (which I had trimmed down the week before - it may still come back, which would be fine, but it may not...). We also bought three blueberry bushes, which, if we can keep safe from squirrels, birds and Miikka, should provide us with some wonderful fruit. Miikka is indeed going to be a problem in our garden plans; as soon as I got done planting the roses, he started trying to dig them out again. Even the thorns on the rugosa rose didn't dissuade him. And he loves vegetables, so I have no doubt he will try to eat them, given the chance (once they are actually planted that is. next weekend, hopefully). We are going to have to install some chicken wire fences, I am afraid. Ah well, at least we have a garden in which to have these problems.


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I wish we could have blueberries here, since they're one of the few things that might not only survive but even enjoy our horrible soil . . . but I can't quite bring myself to put them in only to attract the bears! I envy your roses, too; they would be a mildew-ridden wreck if I tried to grow them.