Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring continues

I am still feeling a bit under the weather - this cold will not let go! - so I am a little behind in everything, including blogging. So, to tide you over a couple more days, here are two pictures from the last week. The squirrels really enjoy our yard, when Miikka is inside. This one was probably just about to raid the bird feeders, again. Apart from sending the dog outside, which scares the birds, or getting a BB gun (my dad's choice), there isn't too much we can do about them. Oh well. The birds still get a good amount of the seed.

The dirt for our garden arrived on Monday, and Benjamin spent portions of the last two days moving it from the driveway to the backyard. This is about halfway through the process. We have enough left after filling this bed that we might buy or make another planter. Maybe something just for potatoes? It is really nice dirt, and Miikka was enjoying playing king of the mountain on it. Not for long, bucko - as soon as we get ready to plant, the fence is going up!

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