Monday, March 15, 2010

Protecting my plants

Although this weekend wasn't quite as nice as last weekend, we were still able to get out in the yard and do some work. First up on the task list: protecting my roses. They have been under attack since last weekend, when they were first planted. This one has been dug up and dragged out to the lawn at least 3 times, despite the thick thorns on the stems.

We also planted the blueberries and put up protective fencing around them as well. The disturbed dirt around them makes them both irresistible, and incredibly easy to dig up. To avoid a repeat of the rose incidents, we waited to plant the blueberries until we could adequately protect them.

So, until they are established and look like real plants, instead of just twigs ripe for chewing, they are contained in cages.

In addition, in an attempt to rehabilitate the canal system/open pit mine that our lawn has become, a section of it is walled off as well. Some of the sod from the blueberry holes has been transplanted there, in the hopes that it will take root and spread. Once this area looks better (if it ever does) the cage will be moved to the next bare spot needing help. I will also be putting down some grass seed, or other ground cover, when I get back to the garden store. (We made one big trip this weekend, but I was unwilling to go back until later).

And the cause of all this fencing? You're looking at him - Trouble Puppy Miikka. So cute, and so destructive. Sigh.