Monday, December 7, 2009

Pottery for Christmas

I had to use the flash for this picture, so the color is washed out. It is much richer in person.

I have always liked looking at pottery at arts and crafts fairs. Partially, I am sure this is genetic - my mother always looks at pottery, and often buys a set of dishes to use for a few years, before moving on to something else. Anyway, I have been waiting for years to have a house so I could justify buying my own pottery (it always seemed like a luxury when we were in apartments, and planning to move again soon). This weekend was the Arkansas Craft Guild's annual Christmas show, and I finally got my pottery. This is my Christmas present - four plates and two mugs from Mudpuppy Pottery.

I don't really care if my dishes all have the same pattern - in fact, I sort of prefer that they don't. The plan is to keep growing the collection through birthday and Christmas gifts, until we have a full set of various dishes.


Michael said...

I found your blog whilst stumbling about on the interweb thingy.....just wanted say, great blog and photos.

Jenn said...

I love the purpley plate!