Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Full Moon

First try, a little shaky
There was a full moon last week, and since it was a mostly cloudless night, it lit up the backyard like a lamp. When I took Miikka outside I noticed how cool it looked, peeking through the trees, and decided to try out the nightshot feature on our digital camera.

The first few shots were a bit too blurry and shaky, but once I steadied the camera on the deck railing, the picture turned out pretty neat. There will be a blue moon this month, so maybe I will have another chance to get some pictures - using my tripod instead of the deck...


Candace said...

Second picture is good! It was an amazing moon...felt it TOO!

Mai Harris said...

Night time + no flash + a tree against a full moon = an amazing picture. I have one I took a couple of years ago that is similar to yours.

very nice pics.