Monday, June 15, 2009

The food of my weekend

First, the good food of the weekend: Homemade pesto, with basil from our own plants. Oven roasted Japanese eggplant and onions, both from the farmer's market. Served over orecchiette pasta. With a side salad of greens also from the farmer's market. Homemade French bread.

The bad: Jello pudding. This was a major disappointment - the aspartame taste was so strong I couldn't take more than one bite. I had been looking forward to my pudding all afternoon. Sigh. I guess I will just have to learn to make pudding from scratch, next time I have a craving.

Iced Tea: Now, I know how to make iced tea, in many different ways. Yesterday, I made tea with Lipton's and Good Earth Organic Cool Mint Tea. The latter I bought a few weeks ago, just to try, without noticing that the tea wasn't just mint, but also chicory, nutmeg and other flavors. I couldn't stand it by itself, but being the thrifty and waste-averse person that I am, I wanted to give it another chance. Nope. It was so overpowering that you couldn't even tell there was any Lipton's in it. I had to throw out the batch. And the box of tea is now in the staff room at work with a "Drink Please" sign on it. I will stick to just mint in my mint tea from now on.

Whole grain Cheerios: These aren't bad, exactly, but they are too sweet and sticky. Why, why does everything made for the American consumer these days have to be sweet? These Cheerios are not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, so that is OK, but why do they have to been sweetened at all? Regular Cheerios aren't. The whole grain ones are supposed to be healthier, but they are sweet enough to be dessert, not breakfast. Sigh and Sigh again.

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