Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grown-up furniture

We recently bought ourselves some proper grown-up bedroom furniture, and I am finally getting around to showing it to you. This is the dresser; it comes up to my shoulder, so it is quite tall. And it is much better than the cheap particle board one we had been using for years. So far, I have managed not to clutter up the top with my bits and bobs (they are all in that square cubby instead).

We also bought matching nightstands. This is mine. The red cup is not for me - it is the cat's, and I cannot get rid of it. Two of the cats pretty much refuse to drink out of bowls on the floor, preferring the cup on the table. That's not really a problem, most of the time, but they do occasionally spill it, and they tend to like to get drinks while I am sleeping. I have been woken up by incredibly loud slurping right by my head, or by a cat walking across me to get to the cup. I am hoping that the spilling at least will be cut down now that I have a more stable table (the old one was rather wobbly, especially when a cat jumped off in haste). The drawers are nice - I can corral all the various pens and pencils and little bottles that I had sitting around.

It feels a little strange to have grown-up furniture now. For some reason, it feels even stranger than buying the house in the first place.

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