Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Cat Picture

Creamsicle wants you to know that it is Friday, time to relax and look forward to the weekend.

A few days ago, the temperature hit 95 or 97 - the hottest day so far this year. Today, after a slight cold front blew in, it is not yet 70. Bliss.

It appears that we have a tomato thief. Yesterday morning, there was an almost perfect, almost ripe tomato on the vine of one of the deck tomatoes. The first edible one of the year (we had one other one, but it had been ruined by bugs). I left it, thinking a little more sun would make it absolutely perfect. When I got home in the afternoon, it was gone without a trace. Some critter - squirrel? blue jay? - came and took my tomato. They were smart, and chose the one day this week that Miikka was locked in the house instead of patrolling the yard. We might have to put the bird netting over those plants, like we did with the blueberry bush. Grr!

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