Monday, January 23, 2012

A little news

In case you don't follow me or my mother on Facebook, let me share a little news: I am pregnant, due in August. Benjamin and I are pleased, although not jumping-up-and-down-with-glee excited (I don't do that kind of excited - it just gives me a stomach ache, and Benjamin is generally too much of a philosopher to get giddy about anything). While I may occasionally mention something about said pregnancy here or post pictures of the (eventual) child, I do not have any intention to make this a pregnancy blog, or a baby blog, because really, no-one apart from my mother would care. As it is, even though I am on FB regularly and tell you about my adventures (or whine about lack thereof) I don't share all that many of my private thoughts and emotions online, and I don't really see that changing. So, you don't have to start avoiding my blog for fear of seeing ultrasound pictures or pregnant belly pictures. Promise. Once the baby actually arrives, all bets are off, but until then...

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