Friday, January 6, 2012

A few Christmas pictures

This year was our turn to travel during the holidays, so that meant a trek up to Bellevue and my parents. I love being home for Christmas, but I hate the actual travel. Bah humbug! Anyway, here are a few pictures from Christmas morning (I did not include the people, since I love my mother and do not want her to disown me).

We kept the fire in the fireplace going for most of the day, since Christmas in Bellevue was, as it usually is, incredibly cold and damp. The figures on the tables are the wonderful manger scene/creche that my mother and I collected throughout my childhood. I know you can't really see them, but they are in a medieval Italian style. There is an elephant too, which we decided is totally appropriate for the wise men.

My mother's tree was lovely, as usual, but rather restrained compared to past years. The first year we were in the house, my parents went out to the mountains to chop down a tree and came back with one that was as tall as the (two-story) house. Another year, the tree came out half way into the living room.

And this is Winston. He really had nothing to do with Christmas, but he is a fat cat, and therefore belongs on the internet. He has actually lost a few pounds since I saw him last.

Next time - fancy Christmas lights.

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Candace said...

Well done dear one! Great pictures. Had no idea you were taking them :)