Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Statues of Philadelphia

On my first day in Philadelphia (I was there for the Special Library Association Annual Conference) I headed over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You know, the one where Rocky runs up the steps? Since visitors are allowed to take pictures inside the museum, I have some of those to share too, but today we are sticking with statues.

Where was I? Oh yes, Rocky. If you look closely, you can see where his knees have been rubbed shiny. When I first got to him, there was a gaggle of tourists having their picture taken with him. I was a little disappointed that it was in a little alcove-like space at the bottom of the steps, and not at the top. But I guess this is a better place - no steps for careless tourists to fall down while taking a picture.

Another statue of Washington - he's everywhere
This statue in front of the museum is also a fountain, and is another tribute to George Washington (other photos and info here). I like this one, mainly because of the fun and pretty darn accurate animals all around the base.

Like these moose. Rather casual pose there, for such a large and majestic animal - one hoof dangling over the side - but still well done.

Or this bear. I love the splayed back leg on him - just like Miikka.

This one, just a little to the side of Rocky, is The Lion Fighter.  And can I just say how grateful I am for the Philadelphia Public Art website that I have been linking to? It has 756 separate works of public art in Philadelphia cataloged, with metadata!

Around the side and to the back of the museum are other statues. Like this very shiny one of Joan of Arc. I don't remember if there was a sign explaining just why there is a statue of Joan of Arc outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but I am sure there was a good reason. I'm sort of surprised no-one has tried to steal her and strip off the gold to sell. Maybe they have and she is just too big.

This one is a memorial to the Armenian Genocide. You can read the accompanying inscription here.

And so we don't leave on too down a note, here is Puma.

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