Monday, December 13, 2010

No Snow Here

But wowee - other parts of the country sure have a lot! When cities like Seattle, Austin, and Little Rock get all atwitter about snow and the news stations go into natural disaster mode, I tend to roll my eyes. I feel justified in this, now that I have lived in places without snow and places (well, a place) with lots of snow.  But when Minneapolis has a snow storm that has been dubbed "Snow-My-God," you know there is some serious snow. If you haven't seen it anywhere yet, check out the video of the Metrodome collapsing.

We don't have any snow, but it is certainly cold enough. I don't think it has gotten above freezing today. It is sunny and dry though, so we are all at work. Darn. I would take a day off, even if it meant I had to listen to the panic of news casters.

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