Friday, December 17, 2010

Home-made toffee, gingerbread, carmel corn, and a trip to the gym

Today at work I have received from various Santas packages bearing home-made toffee and gingerbread cookies, and have shared in a box of Godiva chocolates (I only had one though!). This weekend, in preparation for my parents arrival, I will be making sugar cookies and carmel corn.

Thank goodness I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning (eventually anyway - cuddling came first) and that we have tennis tomorrow. At the gym, I have grown tired of the elliptical trainer, so I have been forcing myself to run on the treadmill - actually run - some days. If I do the interval workout, where I get to alternate the running with walking, I can go for the full 30 minutes. I am not sure I like running, but it does feel good when I stop, and as I tell Benjamin (who has to be all scientific and wet-blankety and say that is impossible) I can feel the fat just jiggling off my hips! Well, the fat may not actually be jiggling off, but running certainly makes my muscles work differently than the elliptical. Anyway, I might become a runner for reals one of these days. Maybe.

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