Monday, May 3, 2010

Winston and Watson

Watson and Winston taking a nap

My parents have 3 cats: Sadie (you last saw her here), Watson, and Winston.  Watson and Winston are brothers from the same litter. As you can see above, however, they are not quite the same size. Watson is a large cat - long and tall.  Winston is just plain fat (sorry Mom, but it is true!).  He weighs over 31 pounds.  Before you blame my mother, they eat the same food, and it is diet food. Yes, Winston eats a bit more of it, but the vet has said he has an extended colon (not sure how that makes him fat, but it surely doesn't help).

The space between the legs of this cabinet are 10 1/2 inches. Winston is wider.
Anyway, I just thought I would share a couple of fat cat pictures for your Monday. Better this kind of fat cat than the corporate kind, right?

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Candace said...

In Winston's defense, he is the most sensitive, caring and anxious that all is right cat of the herd. He also guards the front door and has been heard to growl at a stranger who just came in without knocking.