Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok, OK, Garden Pictures

OK, Mom, I got the pictures of the garden off the camera last night, and here they are.  This picture was taken yesterday.  Left to right: 3 tomatoes, with basil seedlings (can't see them in this picture), sugar peas, beans, collards, lettuce (just replanted, in planter), carrots, and lettuce.  All coming along nicely.
The now-standard jalapeno plant.  We could have put this in the garden, but why bother, when we know it grows well in a pot?

 Potatoes, Yukon Golds and some sort of fingerlings. I have never grown these, although Benjamin has.  We decided to try the container method to save having to give them room in the raised bed (and because we had a boatload of extra dirt to use up...)

Cherry tomatoes, two kinds, on the deck.  Again, these could have gone in the garden bed, but we decided to put them in the pots instead.  I think we will have to build another bed next year, but this is satisfactory for now.

This is the so-far most successful of the three blueberry bushes we put it.  It has little fruits already!

And here are my two little Asian Eggplants.  We bought the seedlings from our farmer's market and the whiskey barrel from the grocery store (again with the need to use more dirt). I haven't tried growing eggplant before, so I hope this turns out to be a successful experiment.

There, a garden update. There will be more tomorrow, and then I will probably be out of pictures and out of ideas for the week!

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