Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bulbs, tomatoes, and jessamine, oh my!

I have so many pictures to share, I don't know where to start. This unknown plant is in my backyard. It must be a bulb of some kind, but I haven't a clue as to its name.

Miikka has been helping us around the yard a lot lately. He loves it when I weed, or pick up sticks, or mow the lawn, or dig a hole. Or water the plants, or put up fences to keep him away from the newly-planted plants... On Sunday, I had to lock him in the house while I mowed, because he thought it was so incredibly fun to bark constantly while dancing around the mower.  Now, we have a reel-type push mower, so he wasn't in any danger, well, no danger from the mowing machine at least... And we have had to erect yet another fence, this one around the vegetable garden, to keep him off the lovely dirt and the seeds we planted.

On Saturday, we finally got a chance to go to a garden center and pick out some plants. So far, we have three tomato plants (plus two cherry tomato plants in pots on the deck), and Benjamin planted seeds for lettuce, collard greens, carrots, beans, basil and snow peas. In addition, we have two large pots of potatoes.  Whew. We have so much lovely dirt left that we might just start another garden bed.

In addition to the vegetables, we bought a lime tree, (no pictures of that at the moment), several geraniums, two kinds of peppers, and a small planter of lettuce. They are all in pots on the deck.  I also have mint, lemon balm, oregano, and parsley.  I planted seeds for can nip and sweet peas.

And to cap it off, we have Swamp Jessamine (isn't it a lot prettier than its name?) and a lilac bush. Both smell heavenly and are buzzing with bees and butterflies.

I do love spring!


mdvlist said...

I think your unknown bulb is a variety of fritillaria. I've never seen them outside of the annual Smith College bulb show, but I always look forward to seeing them there. For some reason, they always make me think of Victorian Orientalism, in a good way . . . .

Hope said...

That is what I decided after I posted. I don't remember seeing them in a garden, although I must have, somewhere. Anyway, they are pretty, and if I see them for sale, I will buy more.