Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving stinks

I was going to title this post "I hate moving," but when I googled that term, there were already a ton of blogs about that out there. But I do. Hate moving, that is. Trying to figure out where to live once you move, how to move (u-haul, moving company that wants lots of money and time, sell everything and start over). That is the stage we are at. People keep asking me if I am getting excited yet, or if we have a place to live yet. No. I am not excited about packing up my house for the second time in under a year, and driving over 1000 miles with 3 yowling cats to move to a new town where I know no-one and don't know where the grocery store is. It just isn't that fun. I know it will be fine once we get there, but until we do, it is not fun, it is just a lot of work.

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mdvlist said...

Hear, hear! Between the time and the expense and all the sweat and irritation, there's not much to look forward to about moving, even if one *hasn't* done it within the past year! I'm still haunted by our last move 3 years ago, which was largely uneventful . . . but it was a move! I'm still finding things that disappeared upon our arrival, casualties of my desperate campaign to be done with moving as soon as possible.