Sunday, September 29, 2013

He's a climber

Malcolm has entered the climbing phase of toddler-hood. For a while, his favorite thing to do was to climb into this basket, even when it was filled with old tennis balls. It took him a little longer to figure out how to get out without falling over.

Next he mastered climbing onto the coffee table, using objects for a boost. Now he doesn't even need anything to stand on, but he will happily use my leg if I happen to be sitting on the floor in a convenient position.

One day, he surprised me but climbing into his rocking chair while my back was turned. It is quite a stretch, even with the stool, but he's only fallen once or twice. At night, he will climb into the chair when he is ready for storytime to be over.

And of course, he climbs onto the bookshelves. Good thing we finally got around to securing them to the wall earlier this summer. 

He didn't stack the boxes, but he was quick to realize their potential and used them to get to an entirely new set of shelves. 

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