Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Flowers

Spring is, finally, in full bloom around here. The daffodils finished up a couple of weeks ago, but everything else is taking its time. The jessamine is fully covered in fragrant yellow blooms, and bees.

There are three iris in the front garden, doing their best to add some color. I am still waiting for the other iris planted in the same bed to show some spirit. Maybe next year.

My favorite, the lilac. I checked my blog for the last couple of years in an informal bloom date survey - they are at least two weeks behind last year. The vegetable garden is also getting a slower start this year. I read somewhere that last year the temperatures for March were around 10 degrees above normal, while this year they were 10 degrees below normal. Seems about right. We've had an awful lot of cold, wet weather this year - I thought I was just noticing it more since I am at home all the time, but it was actually colder.

We've had some lovely sunrises lately. And since the trees are still mostly bare, we get a great view from our deck.

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