Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Review: No Quest for the Wicked

No Quest For The WickedGuess what! I have had some time to read lately. Here is a review of the most recent book I read. It is book 6 of a series that I really enjoy - sort of Harry Potter meets Sex in the City, sort of. The first four books were published the traditional way, but the publishers didn't want book 5 (although fans like me certainly did), so the author recently decided to e-publish it and any further books herself. Yay!

No Quest For The Wicked by Shanna Swendson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On her blog, Swendson mentioned that she thought of the previous book as being like a season finale of a TV show, while this one is the start of season two. That seems like a pretty apt comparison. The bad guys from the first 5 books are gone and the main characters have to deal with the fall-out from the magical battle that ended book 5 as well as start on new adventures with new opponents.

After the major revelations and changes at the end of book 5, the excitement has died down at MSI, and Katie is bored - now that the competition is gone, there is very little need for a marketing department. Her boredom quickly disappears when Owen discovers that a dangerous magical object has just turned up in New York, and they may be the only ones who can find it before it causes major magical chaos.

They set off on a quest to find and neutralize the object, along with Sam the gargoyle, their friend Rod, a gnome, a rogue elf, and Katie's magical and somewhat crazy grandmother, who has suddenly arrived in New York from Texas. It is a whirlwind day of chases, near-misses and danger as they have to evade the other magical groups hunting for the object as well.

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