Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad blogger, lazy blogger

Can I tell you a not-so-secret? I hate August. It is too hot, all the pretty plants have died and everything turns brown. It has been too hot for our tomatoes, even the specialty varieties I planted that were supposed to be drought tolerant, and the only things growing in the garden right now are basil and collard greens. As a friend said, there is a reason the poor folk in the south eat lots of collard greens - they tolerate, even love, the heat, and go all summer.

The heat also makes it difficult to go out and do anything worth blogging about, like hiking, and to add to the depressing factor, the airwaves are full of ads and stories about going back to school (where I come from, no-one in the right minds goes back to school until just about Labor Day, but here they go back next week!). So apart from complaining about the terrible heat wave and drought we are in here in Arkansas, I really have nothing to say. Although, we have had rain and thunderstorms every day this week, which had taken a little of the edge of the heat and dryness. But it is still too humid...

Anyway, all this is to say that I probably won't have anything to say for a week or two. You can always check back to see if I re-surface, but don't be disappointed if I don't.

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