Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weather Update

Just a quick update for all my non-Arkansas friends. Yes, we have had a lot of bad weather in the last month. There was a tornado that touched down about 5 miles from our house, and eventually did destroy most of a town northeast of us. There was record rainfall and flooding - even in Maumelle. But we are on a hill, so although our backyard was rather soggy, and the garden got thrashed, we are fine. The flooding in Eastern Arkansas is a long ways from us. We appear to be moving into hot and muggy weather, which is par for the course around here in May and June (and July and August and September). The ticks are evident, as are mosquitoes, snakes, and spiders.

So on we go, towards summer. The garden is growing, whenever it isn't getting beaten down by rain, or blown around by wind gusts. Miikka continues to search for new tunnels to China in our backyard.

If you feel motivated to donate money for disaster relief, check out the Red Cross, or Habitat for Humanity, or Heifer International (their teaching farm here in Arkansas was heavily damaged during one of April's storms).

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