Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny Story

Umm, so you know how I said I had pictures but that I had to get them off the camera? Well, about that. I have a new camera, and it turns out that the numbering system repeats itself, and when you try to move pictures from the camera to the computer you have to be careful to not erase things. So yeah, I managed to erase almost all the pictures from our hike, and from last week's neat full moon, and the birds I was using to try out my telephoto lens. Sigh. Part of me wants to blame the technology, but it was all my fault, and it really isn't any different from the time(s) I accidentally exposed the film in my old camera. So I have re-learned a lesson I thought I had learned a long time ago. And you are deprived of all but a few pictures. Sigh again.

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