Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny (not intentionally) Poetry

We are evaluating our collection at work, hence the uber-saccharine poem on Friday.  Today I ran across Health and Safety Plays and Programs by Aileen Fisher from 1953.  It contains such gems as "Robots to the Rescue," a play about how hard it is to build a robot that is as efficient and wonderful as the human body, "The King's Toothache," in which two children from "the present" go back to Once Upon a Time and tell a king how to take care of his teeth, and the following poem (for recitation purposes, of course):

A Big Little Word

Plenty of sleep and
Plenty of food and play -
that spells PEP,
and the one who's wise
gets plenty of each, each day.

Isn't it lovely? There is also the ABC of Safety, a few of which I present for your pleasure:

C for clearing - clearing junk
from stairs before you go kerplunk!

K for keeping - keeping fit
by running to the first aid kit.

X for X-ing - Xing out
all the hazards roundabout.

Z for zigging and zagging
when a climb is steep and fagging.

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