Friday, October 30, 2009

Rain, rain...

I have been complaining about rain lately, because it has been raining so very much here in Arkansas this year. Friends here say, "But you are from Seattle, so you must be used to this." "No," I say, "it doesn't rain like this in Seattle." To prove this, I have done a little research (very little, mostly by Google, meaning, don't use my data in your research papers) into rainfall. Here is what I found.
  • Average yearly rainfall for Seattle: 36 or 37 inches (depends on where you look)
  • Average yearly rainfall for Little Rock: 48 inches
  • So far this year in Seattle: 26.14 inches, + 9.4 inches of snow (unusually high)
  • So far this year in Little Rock: 66.36 inches. We have had three months so far with 11+ inches of rain, including October, which has had 14.66 inches. It is still raining today.
As you can see, Little Rock has had almost 3 times as much rain as Seattle this year. But, both of these pale in comparison to some of the rainiest places on earth.
  • The Olympic Peninsula in Washington averages 105 inches a year.
  • Ketchican, Alaska, the rainiest spot in the continental United States, averages 152 inches.
  • The highest average annual rainfall in the world (well, in recorded places anyway) goes to Mt. Waialeale in Hawaii, with 460 inches. (The Wikipedia article mentions another place that gets more, but it is in monsoon struck India - see next point)
  • The highest amount recorded in one year was in Cherrapunji, India, which had 1042 inches. That is almost 87 feet!
  • The highest total in 24 hours was Fac Fac, La Renuion Island, with 72 inches.
So, while we have had a lot of rain this year, and I am sure I will continue to complain about it, it could be a lot worse...


Candace said...

As long as you don't need waders to take Miikka outside, you'll be fine:)

hoperu said...

Don't need waders yet, but galoshes or duck boots would be nice. Good thing Miikka mostly likes the rain.